Excavations in Grosvenor Park, Chester

This year’s season of excavation gets underway on 4th May with students from the University of Chester, supervised by archaeologists from Cheshire West and Chester Council and LP: Archaeology.

Grosvenor Park sits next to two major monuments, the Roman amphitheatre and the medieval church of St John the Baptist. Both of these have had an influence on the development of the park, and more importantly what lies beneath.

Until recent years and the present project there have been very few archaeological digs in the park but our excavations have shown that it has a very interesting past with Roman, medieval and later remains.

This year’s four-week training excavation will be concentrating on:

  • revealing the plan of the medieval masonry building and examining its internal features
  • completing the excavation of the ditch feature, first revealed in 2013
  • investigating the presence and nature of any Roman structures or occupation adjoining the Roman road
  • collection of samples from the lower fills of the ditch and drain features to learn more about the environment in the past

Take a look at the students’ blog to see all the latest finds and discoveries:   Student blog