OPEN AFTERNOON 2018: The Secrets of Grosvenor Park Unlocked

Archaeologists from Cheshire West and Chester Council Cultural Service (Grosvenor Museum) in partnership with the University of Chester, returned to Grosvenor Park, Chester to run their annual training dig for second year students, an essential part of their archaeology degree course.

An OPEN AFTERNOON will be taking place on May 29 between 1:30 – 4:30pm giving you the last chance this year to see what the students have uncovered, study the objects they have found and learn more about the history of this corner of Chester, and it’s FREE!

So far the students have uncovered, amongst other things, a Roman road that led to the east entrance of the amphitheatre and a large building destroyed during the Civil War. The building appears to have been a part of the medieval hospital and chapel of St. Anne which was acquired by Sir Hugh Cholmondeley in the late 16th century and developed as part of his mansion house.

Lisa Harris, Director of Place Strategy, Cheshire West and Chester Council, said:  “Our previous digs have always attracted a lot of attention. These digs not only provide essential practical experience for students working alongside our archaeologists but have been a talking point for the many visitors to the park. There is always an opportunity to watch the activities and get an update on what’s been discovered. This is part of our commitment to invest in inclusive leisure and culture making west Cheshire a great place to live and visit. Please follow the blog, watch the ongoing dig and make a date in your diary for the open day.”

Dr Caroline Pudney, Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Chester (who recently appeared in the Channel 4 programme, Britain’s Most Historic Towns, praising the Roman history of Chester), said: “We are so lucky to have such a major archaeological site on our doorstep, and for our students to have the opportunity to contribute to our knowledge of the city’s past. Chester’s Roman history has had its public profile raised recently, as it was the focal point of the Channel 4 programme, presented by Professor Alice Roberts. She was so impressed by our amphitheatre that she referred to it as her favourite site (www.channel4.com/info/press/news/interview-with-prof-alice-roberts-for-britains-most-historic-towns)  Additionally, the varied nature of Chester’s post-Roman past provides a wide range of historic remains and therefore a unique environment for discovery that helps to inspire our students to further their archaeological experience.”

The last day of the dig is Wednesday 30 May and it will close at 4:30pm.

Student’s Dig Blog: http://univchester-parkdig.blogspot.co.uk/
CWAC Flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cheshirewest/albums/72157669003991148