HQ Project Update

In August 2018 the Grosvenor Museum, with funding from Historic England, started a project which aims to bring a large archaeology project archive up to a condition that meets Museum and Historic England ‘accessible archive’ standards. The archive is from the 2007 excavations at the site of the HQ building in Chester and includes over 300 boxes and crates of finds and 10 large boxes of recording documents as well as numerous site drawings, photographs and digital files. These significant excavations uncovered the remains of Roman buildings, a  medieval nunnery and a 16th/17th century house and produced lots of interesting information.

The first part of the project consists of washing, sorting and re-boxing finds. So far a team of volunteers have washed 70 very large boxes of ceramic building material, 30 large boxes of animal bone and all the excavated medieval and post-medieval pottery. Most of the building material is Roman ceramic building material e.g. roof tiles and includes some interesting pieces – tiles with animal prints, legionary stamps, tilers’ signature marks, fragments of hypocaust flue tiles, pieces of Roman chimney and water pipe, however there are also some very nice medieval floor tiles. The animal bone includes both animal and bird bone which would have been mainly a result of food processing but also included small dogs, perhaps pets, as well as horses. The pottery was mainly produced in Chester and the UK but includes pieces that were made in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Low Countries and China.

There will be more opportunities for people to volunteer in the future so please do watch this space. Thank you from the Grosvenor Museum HQ Team!