Historic Environment Record

Sandbach Saxon CrossThe Cheshire Historic Environment Record (HER) is the record of all known designated and non-designated archaeological sites and historic landscapes in Cheshire West and Chester, Cheshire East, Halton and Warrington. It includes sites dating from prehistory through to the military remains of the more recent past.

The Cheshire HER contains information on buried sites, revealed through excavation and survey or through aerial photography. It also contains records of earthworks, listed buildings and other standing structures, as well as stray finds, historic parks and gardens, battlefields and information on historic landscape character.

Details such as the type of site, its date, location, description and sources are held on a database and linked geographical information system. Additional information may include reports on surveys or excavations, correspondence, plans, published and unpublished material and photographs (including aerial photographs).

The level of information and accuracy varies between records, depending on the available sources. Some sites are known only from 19th century or earlier chance discoveries and their exact location may be vague. Others are based on modern excavations or surveys which can produce much more detailed information.

The Cheshire HER is continually updated. Information on new sites and finds and additional details about existing ites are provided by professional archaeologists, museums, local researchers and members of the public. The significance of an archaeological site or historic building can therefore change as new information leads to its re-interpretation. In addition the HER is reviewed in line with national data standards and developments in new technology.

Information from archaeological work carried out in the county, such as national surveys, developer-funded fieldwork or private research, is fed back into the HER.

Designated heritage assetsBelgrave medieval moated site

Only a small proportion of all heritage assets are designated Scheduled Monuments, Listed Buildings, Registered Parks and Gardens and Registered Battlefields. Specific procedures apply for development which takes place within the boundaries of these protected sites or within their settings. Find out more about designated sites

Details of these designated sites in Cheshire, Halton and Warrington are held in the Cheshire Historic Environment Record Consult the Cheshire Historic Environment Record.

Tell us about a site

If you wish to submit information about a potential site for inclusion in the Historic Environment record, please contact the HER

The Cheshire HER includes the Chester Urban Archaeological Database, and the results of projects such as the Cheshire Historic Towns Survey and the Cheshire Historic Landscape Characterisation Project.

Conservation Areas in Cheshire

Local planning authorities have a legal duty to designate those areas of historic or architectural interest whose character is considered to be of such value that they require preservation and enhancement. At present there are two hundred conservation areas recorded on the Cheshire HER, created between 1969 and 2018. Further information is available on the …

Consulting the HER

Revealing Cheshire’s Past and the Heritage Gateway The Cheshire Historic Environment Record provided access to many of it’s records via the website Revealing Cheshire Past. After fifteen years service the website has been retired. Online access to these records is now via the Heritage Gateway (www.heritagegateway.org.uk). A new and improved version of Revealing Cheshire’s Past …

Chester Urban Archaeological Database Project

The Chester UAD Project was funded by English Heritage (2011-2013) and provides an enhanced source of information on the archaeology of Chester and a plan for the positive management of the City’s archaeology. It forms part of the Cheshire Historic Environment Record. The four main aspects of the Project are: The Chester Urban Archaeological Database …

Reporting a Find or Site

Tell us about a site Submit information about a potential site for inclusion in the Historic Environment record. Reporting a Find – The Portable Antiquities Scheme All archaeological objects  found in Cheshire by members of the public should be reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme. The Portable Antiquities Scheme is a voluntary scheme to record …

Revealing Cheshire’s Past

The Revealing Cheshire’s Past Project began in 2002 as an HLF funded project to promote access to the Cheshire Historic Environment Record. Revealing Cheshire’s Past database The Revealing Cheshire’s Past database was the user-friendly version of the Historic Environment Record, which allowed you to find out about Cheshire’s historic sites and buildings. Since its launch …

The Chester Archaeological Plan

The Chester Archaeological Plan is a key evidence base document for the Cheshire West and Chester Local Plan.  It is based on the data in the Chester UAD, Character Zones and Chester Research Framework.  It is complementary to the Chester Characterisation Study, which considers the City’s built historic environment. Chester Archaeological Plan (pdf) Chester Research Framework (pdf) Chester …