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COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS)UPDATE – 22 October 2020

HER Searches

The HER is currently closed for visitors.

If you have a commercial search you can still make a HER search request  but please note that the this will take longer than usual as the HER staff are now working remotely. We can  only be reached by email at present. See below for contact details.

General HER Enquiries

There is likely to be a delay in responding to direct public research enquiries to the HER. We can only be reached by email at present.

For general (non commercial) enquiries we would recommend consulting the online version of the Historic Environment Record database in the first instance: Revealing Cheshire’s Past.

You can also use the Heritage Gateway for access to other online sources about the Historic Environment.

Historic Maps and aerial photographs can be viewed using the Cheshire Tithes online

More Historic maps have been digitised by the National Library of Scotland and can be viewed here 

Designated Heritage Assets

The mapped depictions of nationally and locally designated heritage assets are available via Cheshire East Council’s and Cheshire West and Chester Council’s Public Map Viewers. Further information on each asset is available from the online version of the HER, Revealing Cheshire Past.

Guidance for using Public Map Viewers with  Revealing Cheshire’s Past pdf

Commercial Enquiries

If you need to access the Historic Environment Record for professional use, such as for development management, the development of management policies, for the preparation of agri-environment applications or large research projects, you should contact the Historic Environment Record directly. Where possible, all searches are returned by email within 15 working days of receipt.

The Historic Environment Record does not operate a priority search service.

Please note, that by accepting the information supplied by the Historic Environment Record, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in our Conditions Of Use.

HER information is supplied in pdf format for text data and ArcGIS shape-files (GIS data) for the associated spatial data. The majority of the spatial data is classified as an Ordnance Survey derived dataset and an Ordnance Survey Licence may be required. If you do not have access to GIS or require datasets in an alternative format, please contact us directly to discuss your requirements. Such requests will be treated as Custom HER searches (see above).

For commercial enquiries, please include the following in your search request:

  • A description of the search required
  • GIS data or location map or central grid reference for your area of interest
  • The radius of search required i.e. 1km
  • Invoice address and purchase order number

There are three types of search: standard, extended and custom.

Standard: This search includes all relevant information (Monuments, Events, Designations and Historic Landscape Character) within a given search area; typically up to a 1km search radius. For areas with a greater density of information, i.e. towns and the area covered by the Chester Urban Archaeological Database, the search area will be smaller, but sufficient for most cultural heritage assessments.

Extended: Includes the same level of information as the Standard search, but for those requiring a larger search area, typically up to 2km. For areas with a greater density of information, i.e. towns and the area covered by the Chester UAD the search area will be smaller.

Custom: For those with specialist requirements such as large search areas, specific search parameters or output formats i.e. maps.

  Standard Search Extended
 Chester UAD Up to c.4ha (100m search radius) Up to c.20ha (250m search radius)
Other urban area Up to c.80ha (500m search radius) Up to c.315ha (1km search radius)
Rural area Up to c.315ha (1km search radius) Up to c.1256ha (2km search radius)

Forestry and Agri-environment Schemes

Consultations to the Historic Environment Record for the purposes of English Woodland Grant, Countryside Stewardship and Energy Crop schemes are governed by the service standards, protocols and charges agreed between the administrating organisation and the Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers. Please refer to your application handbook for further information.


From 1 May 2013 the following Charging Policy will apply.

These charges cover a licence to reuse Historic Environment Record information for commercial purposes. Large research projects are advised to contact the Historic Environment Record to discuss their requirements and a licence charge may be applicable. No charge is made for any follow up visits to the HER to view aerial photographs, reports etc. Please note VAT is not payable on Historic Environment Record charges.

No charge is made for members of the public requiring Historic Environment Record information for non‐commercial purposes.

  • Standard HER search: £60
  • Extended HER search: £120
  • Custom HER search: Price on application


Any enquiry to the Historic Environment Record will be treated as confidential. In the course of making an enquiry with the Historic Environment Record we may collect a small quantity of personal information when you provide it to us, such as contact details and details of the enquiry.  This information is used in an aggregated and anonymous form for the purpose of the Archaeology Planning Advisory Service’s annual reports and to enable your enquiry to be fulfilled. This information will never be shared with third parties. For further information see Data Protection and Your Rights.

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