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The Chester Archaeological Plan

The Chester Archaeological Plan is a key evidence base document for the Cheshire West and Chester Local Plan.  It is based on the data in the Chester UAD, Character Zones and Chester Research Framework.  It is complementary to the Chester Characterisation Study, which considers the City’s built historic environment.

Chester Archaeological Plan (pdf)

Chester Research Framework (pdf)

Chester Characterisation Study (link to webpage)

Aimed at developers and applicants working within the City, the Plan provides guidance on how the archaeology of Chester can be managed by those working within the historic city. The Plan provides recommendations for developers and applicants on the potential archaeological implications of development in Chester, including: guidance on archaeological significance, the role of archaeology in planning, and development-led archaeological investigation.

The National Planning Policy Framework strongly recommends early consultation between developers and the local authority prior to the submission of a planning application. It is intended that the Chester Archaeological Plan will enable developers and applicants to consider the impact and design of any development earlier, allowing for a timely determination of the application and ensuring sustainable development. It also allows for the conservation of archaeological remains proportionate to the nature and scale of the development proposal.

The plan was approved for inclusion in the Evidence Base for the Local Plan by Cheshire West and Chester Council in January 2014.

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