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Summaries of development-led archaeological fieldwork in Cheshire, Warrington and Halton

Fieldwork Summary 2019-20 (pdf 198kb)

Fieldwork Summary 2018-19 (pdf 107kb)

Fieldwork Summary 2017-18 (pdf 109kb)

Fieldwork Summary 2016-17 (pdf 109kb)

Fieldwork Summary 2015-16 (pdf 108kb)

Fieldwork Summary 2014-15 (pdf 139kb)

Fieldwork Summary 2013-14 (pdf 131kb)

Fieldwork Summary 2012-13 (pdf 106kb)

Fieldwork Summary 2011-12 (pdf 106kb)

Fieldwork Summary 2010-11 (pdf 108kb)

Fieldwork Summary 2009-10 (pdf 127kb)

For information on unpublished archaeological sites please contact the Cheshire Historic Environment Record (HER)

Published reports on the results of development-led work

Below is a bibliography of published and forthcoming reports onExcavations at Oversley farm, Styal fieldwork in Cheshire, Warrington, and Halton.

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Other reports

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