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Cheshire Historic Towns

Cheshire Historic towns survey

This English Heritage funded survey took place between  1997 and 2002. The survey examined 37 towns in Cheshire and the unitary authorities of Halton and Warrington.

Historic Towns In  Cheshire East

Historic Towns in Cheshire West

Historic Towns in Warrington Borough

Historic Towns in Halton Borough

Survey reports were grouped by the old boroughs (abolished 2009) and covered by an introduction for each one.

The former county of Cheshire contains a rich diversity of historic towns: former Roman industrial settlements such as Wilderspool near Warrington, small medieval market towns such as Malpas and recent industrial centres such as Widnes. In addition it contains a number of virtually unique settlements, such as the salt making centres of Nantwich, Northwich and Middlewich, the canal town of Ellesmere Port and the railway town of Crewe.

The survey was divided into three phases – data gathering, assessment and strategy. During data gathering a wide range of sources was examined, collated and entered on to the Cheshire Historic Environment Record.

This data was assessed and used to write a component based summary of the history and archaeology of each town. This information was mapped on to a Geographic Information System, enabling the production of period based time-slice maps for each town.

Finally a strategy for the protection of the historic features of each town was devised, identifying, where possible, an Area of Archaeological Potential based on the assessment.

These reports may act as Supplementary Planning Guidance and assist in identifying the unique character of each town to ensure the sustainable management of each area’s archaeological urban heritage.

Cheshire East

Historic towns in the Congleton Area – Introduction (PDF) Archaeological Assessment Archaeological Strategies Alsager Archaeological Assessment (PDF, 722KB) Alsager Archaeological Strategy (PDF, 540KB) Brereton Archaeological Strategy (PDF, 540KB) Brereton Archaeological Strategy (PDF, 409KB) Congleton Archaeological Assessment (PDF, 771KB) Congleton Archaeological Strategy (PDF, 854KB) Middlewich Archaeological Assessment. Revised 2013 (PDF, 964KB) Middlewich Archaeological Strategy. Revised 2013 (PDF, …

Cheshire West and Chester

Chester Introduction (PDF, 234KB) Ellesmere Port and Neston Introduction (PDF, 219KB) Vale Royal Introduction (PDF, 243KB) Assessment Strategy Aldford Archaeological Assessment (PDF, 699KB) Aldford Archaeological Strategy (PDF, 2.18MB) Burton Archaeological Assessment (PDF, 734KB) Burton Archaeological Strategy (PDF, 694KB) Eddisbury Archaeological Assessment (PDF, 651KB) Eddisbury Archaeological Strategy (PDF, 487KB) Ellesmere Port Archaeological Assessment (PDF, 865KB) Ellesmere …


Historic Towns of the Halton Area – Introduction (PDF 192kb)   Archaeological Assessments Archaeological Strategies Runcorn and Halton Archaeological Assessment (PDF, 2.14MB) Halton and Runcorn Archaeological Strategy (PDF, 855KB) Widnes Archaeological Assessment (PDF, 1.18MB) Widnes Archaeological Strategy (PDF, 802KB)


Historic Towns of the Warrington Area – Introduction (PDF, 267KB) Archaeological Assessments Archaeological Strategies Lymm Archaeological Assessment (PDF, 2.48MB) Lymm Archaeological Strategy (PDF, 768KB) Thelwall Archaeological Assessment (PDF, 2.42MB) Thelwall Archaeological Strategy (PDF, 561KB) Warrington Archaeological Assessment PDF, 3.10MB) Warrington Archaeological Strategy (PDF, 600KB)

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