There are nine different fact sheets in the Revealing Cheshire’s Past Series. They are a great introduction to the story of Cheshire’s past with information on over 50,000 years of history. Each one shows the distribution of archaeological sites of different periods and tells you the ones you can visit. You can download A4 format pdf versions of the factsheets below.

  1. Barrows to Bog Bodies – Prehistoric Cheshire (PDF, 1172KB)
  2. From Farm to Fortress – Roman Cheshire (PDF, 867KB)
  3. Invasion and Settlement – Saxon Cheshire (PDF, 978KB)
  4. Manors, Moats and Monastaries – Medieval Cheshire (PDF, 935KB)
  5. Changing times – Post medieval Cheshire (PDF, 841KB)
  6. Salt, Silk and Soap – Industrial Cheshire (PDF, 815KB)
  7.  From Turnpikes to Trains – Transport (PDF, 968KB)
  8. Historic Towns of Cheshire (PDF, 847KB)
  9. Archaeology in Cheshire – A young persons guide (PDF, 1.05MB)