Chester City Walls

In 2012 Cheshire West and Chester Council and Historic England agreed a framework for the management and repair of Chester’s  City Walls, Towers, Gates and Posterns which are a Scheduled Monument protected by law under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979 (as amended). The management programme includes regular inspections of the whole circuit of the Walls and monitoring of sections of the walls previously identified as being at risk.

The inspections found that a section of the Wall adjacent to the north side of the Eastgate was unstable and tilting inwards. Archaeological investigations revealed that the inner face of the Wall was resting on and sinking into the earth rampart of the Roman fortress.  Major repair works took place in 2015 that required archaeological excavations through the core of the Wall. As this section of the Wall walkway had to be closed the opportunity was taken to also carry out restoration works to the Eastgate and the Eastgate Clock as well as install waterproofing measures to the Wall walkway south of the Eastgate.

Chester City Walls – The Eastgate Project 2015 video

This video shows the work that went on behind the scaffolding that encased the Eastgate for several months in 2015.