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Standards and Guidance


A comprehensive set of Standards for the various classes of archaeological work has been produced by the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists . The Cheshire Archaeology Planning Advisory Service (APAS) expects that organisations carrying out archaeological work will adhere to the procedures set out in these documents and will use them to inform its monitoring procedures.


The following guidance notes should also be taken into account in the preparation of project designs for work within the local authorities covered by APAS:

Archive Deposition

Archaeological assessments, evaluations, watching briefs, and excavations, which have been secured by the Cheshire Archaeology Planning Advisory Service through the planning process all generate archives. This guidance provides advice on the current situation with regard to the deposition of archaeological archives in each of the four unitary authorities where archaeological advice is provided by the Service.

NW regional research Framework Book coverRegional Research Frameworks

The 2007 North West Regional Research Framework has been updated. Project designs for archaeological work in Cheshire should ensure that the proposed work is related to the aims and objectives in these documents.

Link to Updated North West Regional Research Framework Webpages


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