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Chester Urban Archaeological Database Project

The Chester UAD Project was funded by English Heritage (2011-2013) and provides an enhanced source of information on the archaeology of Chester and a plan for the positive management of the City’s archaeology. It forms part of the Cheshire Historic Environment Record.

The four main aspects of the Project are:

  • The Chester Urban Archaeological Database (UAD)

  • The Chester Archaeological Plan

  • Chester’s Archaeological Character Zones

  • The Chester Research Framework

Chester Urban Archaeological Database  (UAD)

The Project brought together information on the archaeology of Chester from investigations, research projects, building surveys, published sources and maps spanning more than 200 years of research in Chester. All this information has been incorporated within the Cheshire Historic Environment Record, rather than as a separate standalone resource. It has created a comprehensive source of information on Chester’s archaeology and built historic environment.

Selected records are publicly available through the HER’s online database,  Revealing Cheshire’s Past.  However, please note that individuals and organisations requiring information for planning or development control purposes, the development of management policies, desk based assessments or EIAs, should contact the HER directly.

The Chester Archaeological Plan

The  Chester Archaeological Plan   provides a comprehensive guide to the principals and procedures adopted by Cheshire West and Chester Council for the protection and enhancement of the City’s archaeological remains. It forms a key evidence base as part of the Borough’s Local Plan.

Chester’s Archaeological Character Zones

There are eighty three Archaeological Character Zones and each has its own Character Zone Statement which includes a summary of key characteristics and the historical development of the Zone based on an interpretation of the archaeological evidence. They include an assessment of the potential for the survival of archaeological remains, particularly organic remains or waterlogged deposits, and the potential depth of those deposits. The statements address the Zone’s archaeological significance, as well as key considerations for any potential future development.

Use the interactive map below to view the different Archaeological Character Zones and follow the links to their respective Character Zone Statements. Chester’s Archaeological Character Zones are areas defined by their predominant archaeological character.

The Chester Research Framework

Chester Research Framework (pdf) presents a series of period‐based research themes that are specific to the City and add to the regional and national research frameworks. It includes both research objectives and methodological priorities for future investigations.

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