Tell us about a Site

Do you have an archaeological site you want to tell us about?

The information contained within the HER has come from a variety of sources, including information from the public. Thanks to information submitted we have added many sites previously unrecorded by the HER, including  historic wells, watermills and Bronze age round barrows. If you think you have identified a site of archaeological interest we would like to hear about it.

The first step is to check whether the site is already recorded on the HER.

You can check this on Revealing Cheshire’s Past, our online version of the Historic Environment record.

If we don’t already know about the site, or if you have new information about an existing site that you want to tell us about then you can create a summary record using a printout of this form.

Site Recording Form

Contact Details for the Historic Environment Record

This is the information we need to know

Where is your site?

Please give an 8 figure OS grid reference if possible. Also include which parish the site is in.

What is it?

Give a brief description of what you think the site might be. ie. Moat, burial mound, earthworks, Roman camp

How do you know about the site?

It is useful to know how you have identified your potential archaeological site; you can record this information on the Sources section of the form.

There might be written or map evidence, or is it something you have seen on aerial photographs? Maybe, there is local knowledge of a site, but nothing yet written about it.


A more detailed description of the physical evidence you are reporting to the HER. Eg. 1m high stone walls of old watermill survive in over grown woodland. If you have the landowner’s permission, you may wish to submit photographs and/or a sketch map of the site.

Sources of information about archaeological site recording

Community Archaeology

If you are a community group planning to undertake any form of archaeological investigation (whether documentary research, fieldwalking, trial trenching) we would like to hear from you,  to ensure the results of any investigations are shared with the Historic Environment Record

Further information for community archaeology groups can be found here  Introduction to Standards and Guidance in Archaeological Practice.